Bullet Hole

Give the Gangsters a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Vintage Firearm Adventure

No one is above the law, especially not booze-smuggling gangsters. These bad guys have plenty of firepower, but, then again, so do you. Take a trip back in time to when Ketchikan was overrun with bootleggers, hiding their contraband under docks and in hidden rooms. The town needs a hero, and you’re up for the job. Who knew yesteryear could be so thrilling?


How It Works:

  • Get picked up at your preferred location and driven to the range
  • Watch a gun safety video on the drive
  • Receive additional hands-on firearm training once at the range
  • Enjoy some time at our .22 caliber shooting gallery to get oriented with firearms
  • Enjoy your experience and purchase any upgrades during or after
  • Get dropped off at the same place you were picked up


  • Must be 14 years of age or more to handle above .22 caliber firearms (for all adult packages)
  • Must be between 9 and 14 years of age to handle .22 caliber firearms
  • Must wear appropriate apparel for shooting range environment (no high heels or dresses)
  • Must use company furnished safety gear at all times


  • Wear boots, hiking shoes or sneakers
  • Even though we are indoors, the ventilation causes a substantial breeze, so bring a light jacket
  • Tell us about your firearms experience, training, or concerns you may have so we can make you comfortable
  • Take aim and use careful shot placement. After all, this is a competition and the winner gets their choice of some fantastic prizes!
  • Bring your adventurous spirit and have fun!
Paint Stroke

What's Included

Auto Ordnance T1 "Tommy Gun" Semi-Automatic Combat Rifle

Based off of the original submachine gun that was made famous during the 1920’s. This rifle was infamously in the hands of gangsters and G-Men. Its operation is semi-auto firing from a closed bolt. The frame and receiver of this rifle is machined from solid steel. 

Rock Island Model 206 .38 Special

Revolvers remain extremely popular defense weapons for many reasons, they are simple to load, fire, and handle! The all metal frame aids with a little bit of weight to help reduce felt recoil and make follow up shots that much faster!

Rock Island TPAS Shotgun 12 Gauge “Trench Gun”

This 12 Gauge shotgun was modeled after classic trench guns to deliver devastating close up shots. You’ll have no problem taking out your targets with this new-age shotgun based off of a classic!

The guns of Prohibition are still a world of fun to wield today. This package includes an Auto Ordnance 1927A (Tommy Gun), a Rock Island Model 206 .38 Special and a Rock Island TPAS shotgun also known as a "Trench gun" . You can take care of the gangsters, no problem. But we’re thinking you might have a little difficulty choosing the first firearm to handle.

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Traveling with kids?

Kiddos will be more than entertained with one of our Junior Packages. No matter what their age, we have something in store. All ages can compete for prizes in our Shooting Gallery. Littler ones have a blast and a half with the Shooting Gallery.

Paint Stroke

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a cell phone, our driver will call you when they arrive and if not, we will select a notable landmark in the city and pick you up at a prearranged time.

No worries! Our safety videos and team of firearms experts will provide you with the training you need to feel comfortable.

Yes! Depending on age, we can customize your experience for all members of the family.

Of course! We’re happy to make any package changes up to the time of your pickup. Feel free to change your selection or add upgrades!

Our adventures typically last 1.5 to 2 hours--including pickup and drop off.