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This isn’t your granddaddy’s range. So buckle up and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime. From growling grizzlies to brain-hungry zombies, when you’re here, danger is always just down the barrel. And when it comes calling, you answer because you’re not one to back down from a fight. But just how good is your aim? Pick it and click it now.

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Experience Alaska Like Never Before

The northernmost state is rugged and wild with glaciers, rivers and lakes. Jagged peaks rise out of frozen tundra and wild animals call these untamed lands home. Alaska is about as majestic as it comes. And at Alaska Firearms Adventures you can experience all that magic without having to withstand the weather.

Steel yourself for the experience of a lifetime. Whether it is firing bullets through the hammer-forged steel barrels of our exotic firearms, or the feel of cold steel in your hands while flinging steel axes and knives towards your target! Here at Alaska Firearms Adventures (AFA) we have a fun and exciting adventure for you. Each of our packages has a theme of its own to fulfill your dream tour. Pick from a wide variety of packages ranging anywhere from the "Navy Seal" package on our outdoor gun range to the "Three Ravens" package at our archery, hatchet, & knife throwing range.

Then visit Potlatch Park to add another layer to the experience, allowing you to explore Totem Poles, Alaska Native Art, and a Clan House. The carving shed with the scent of freshly cut cedar provides a sensory delight. The unexpected features such as the Antique Car Museum and Antique Firearm Museum add an intriguing twist to the tour, showcasing remarkable cars from the early 1900s and a collection of unique firearms, including a Gatling Gun. Return to your ship, having immersed yourself in a diverse and culturally enriching experience that thrills your senses!

Transportation is included. When you check out please indicate where we should meet you.

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Get out your bucket list and a pen. Because if it has a trigger, chances are you can shoot it here. Take your pick of adrenaline-pumping arms used by military, paramilitary and law enforcement organizations of today and yesteryear.

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