We're Hiring!

If you love guns and want to share that love with others, you’re one of us. We’re always looking for outgoing, knowledgeable folks who aren’t afraid to have a good time and also believe that safety comes first. Pop into our inbox and tell us why you’d like to join the team.

Available Positions

Operations Manager
Reports to the Director of Operations. Oversees general range and facility operations. Responsible for customer safety and satisfaction. Supervises Range Officer, Sales Representatives and Drivers. Schedules vehicle maintenance and staffing levels. Responsible for onsite employee issues, environmental monitoring and purchasing of inventory and consumables.
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Range Officer
Reports to Operations Manager. Responsible for firearms repairs, maintenance and safety. Performs general firing range safety evaluations and sets policy for same. Supervises the Range Technicians, Armorer/Firearms Technicians and Prop & Target Technicians and manufacturing. Overall responsibility for firing range condition, maintenance and onsite security.
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Prop & Target Technician
Reports to Range Officer. Manufactures and maintains props and fixtures according to current experience offerings. Responsible for target management between clients, including matching chosen experience to client. Inspects target frames and mechanisms for damage between client experiences. Maintains records of prop and target consumptions to maintain proper inventory levels. Responsible for cleanliness and maintenance of down range components.
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Armorer/Firearms Technician
Responsible for general firearms and magazine safety inspections. Cleans and lubricates firearms after each cycle. Keeps ammunition available and magazines loaded to ensure all client experiences execute without delay. Performs firearm maintenance. Maintains records firearm use and ammunition throughout.
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Inside Sales Associate
Reports to Operations Manager. Provides customer service to clients at concessions stands and food service area. Assists in up-sales of products and services. Ensures concessions and training areas are always neat and tidy. Manages underage client group members while parents are at shooting experiences. Maintains records for match play. Greets clients and collect tickets.
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Outside Sales Representative
Reports to Operations Manager. Promotes tours and experiences outside the facility and provides direct ticket sales to interested clientele. Manages overall booking levels to ensure no overbookings take place and all tour seats are maximized. Communicates tour numbers and client information to range operations. Promotes additional sales of products, upgrades and services.
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