The Experience is Everything

Here at Alaska Firearms Adventures, fun comes in epic proportions. We searched far and wide for a shooting range that would put us on the edge of our seats and when we came up empty, we decided to just make our own. You can expect ridiculous realism that gets your heart racing and your pick of vintage or high-tech firearms you’ve only dreamed about shooting.

Our Mission

We merge hyper-real adrenaline rushes with sky-high safety standards to create experiences that thrill first-time shooters and long-standing members of the gun community. Why? Because we want the world to be a little more fun.


Our Story

We’ve spent hundreds of hours on shooting ranges that were built for one thing, and one thing alone: to sharpen our aim. After all that time, we thought we could make things a lot better. We assembled a collection of modern machine guns and assault rifles along with famed classics, a crack team of gun safety enthusiasts, and a little spot in Alaska that we call home. We’re glad you joined us.


Our Team

Paint Stroke