Q: Does the package price include transportation to and from the tour?

A: You bet. We pick you up in our decked out vehicle and let you relax in comfort and learn a little about the experience during the ride. After all the fun we drop you right back off where we picked you up. Our vehicles leave every 30 or 40 minutes from the cruise ship births and local hotels. Ready to ride?

Q: How will I find the pick-up vehicle?

A: Subtly isn’t our MO, which is to say you’ll definitely know us when you see us. Our vehicles are marked with our name and epic logo and then wrapped in stand-out vinyl graphics, so you can be sure you won’t be left behind.

Q: Where will I be picked up for the tour?

A: Great question! It’s our goal to make pick-ups easy for you. You let us know where you are and we’ll grab you from there. Usually we do pick-ups on the cruise vessel dock near the Ketchikan Visitors Center (Berths I, II and III), near Bar Harbor Restaurant (Berths IV and V), in the Ketchikan International Airport Parking Lot and in front of any downtown hotel.

Q: How long is the tour?

A: Just long enough to have an electrifying experience. But if you’re looking for an hour estimate, each tour is approximately two and a half hours, with the clock starting at pick-up and ending at drop off.

Q: How can I be sure that I will get back to my departure point on time?

A: Fear not. The drive from the range to even the farthest cruise vessel berth takes 15 minutes (or less). Our drivers leave for downtown every 30-45 minutes, so there’s virtually no risk of missing the next part of your Alaskan adventure.

Q: How can I be sure my safety is a priority?

A: Here at Alaska Firearms Adventures, safety is number one. Our range master is a certified technician in the safe use and handling of firearms and our highly trained range attendants are always side-by-side with anyone handling a firearm. Actually, our standard of safety rivals most ranges operating today.

Q: I’ve never handled a firearm before. Can I still book a tour?

A: Of course! We love sharing the experience with newbies. We provide thorough training and firearms orientation to everyone, regardless of familiarity or skill level with firearms.

Q: Is there an activity for my younger child that does not involve firearms?

A: Absolutely. Kids love our junior experiences, including laser tag and a shooting gallery. Pop on over to our Packages page and read all about it.

Q: Is safety equipment provided as part of the tour?

A: Since safety is our priority, every tour includes safety glasses (including safety glasses worn over corrective lenses) and hearing protection.

Q: How many people can I book for each tour?

A: Each of our vehicles hold up to twelve passengers. But don’t worry, we love larger groups, too. Just email customer support to tell us what works best for you.