Armorer/Firearms Technician

Responsible for general firearms and magazine safety inspections. Cleans and lubricates firearms after each cycle. Keeps ammunition available and magazines loaded to ensure all client experiences execute without delay. Performs firearm maintenance. Maintains records firearm use and ammunition throughout.


  • Works with Inside sales Associates to ensure appropriate firearms are available according to arrival bookings
  • Responsible for firearms related to shooting experiences by way of keeping flow and schedules on track. As follows:
    - Bore sweep, wipe down and apply small amount of oil between each shooting experience
    - Perform general safety check of firearm after each use\
    - Log amount of ammunition throughput of each firearm, by serial number, after each experience
    - Load new magazines for each firearm between experiences
    - Load magazines (by inventory number) and ammunition used in each daily
  • Performs firearm repairs and maintenance.
  • Reports inventory levels of ammunition to Range Officer Daily
  • Responsible for maintaining records of upgrades and new experiences
  • May be required to live onsite and provide security during non-operational hours


  • High School Diploma or higher education
  • Strong oral and written skills
  • Familiarity with firearms of all types
  • Abilities as an Armorer for multiple firearm types and platforms
  • Preferably five (5) years experience in range operations
  • Preferably three (3) years experience as an Armorer or similar position
  • Must not have felony record
  • Must pass NICS firearms background check

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