Operations Manager

Reports to the Director of Operations. Oversees general range and facility operations. Responsible for customer safety and satisfaction. Supervises Range Officer, Sales Representatives and Drivers. Schedules vehicle maintenance and staffing levels. Responsible for onsite employee issues, environmental monitoring and purchasing of inventory and consumables.


  • Supervises range activities, Sales Representatives and Drivers
  • Oversees general range operations and customer satisfaction
  • Works with senior management to enhance the experience of current themes and develop new ones
  • Responsible for concessions, garment and other merchandise sales
  • Schedules and staffing levels and ensures payroll records are maintained (timecards)
  • Schedules vehicle maintenance
  • Responsible for onsite employee issues
  • Ensures environmental monitoring is up to date
  • Responsible for maintaining records of inventory and consumable levels.


    • High School Diploma or higher education
    • Strong oral and written skills
    • Familiarity with firearms of all types
    • Proficient with Mac and PC platforms
    • Comfortable with the use of MS Office products and ability to train for use of business-related software
    • Preferably five (5) years experience in retail environment
    • Preferably three (3) years experience in retail management or similar position
    • Minimum three (3) years experience supervising people
    • Must not have felony record
    • Must pass NICS firearms background check

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