Outside Sales Representative

Reports to Operations Manager. Promotes tours and experiences outside the facility and provides direct ticket sales to interested clientele. Manages overall booking levels to ensure no overbookings take place and all tour seats are maximized. Communicates tour numbers and client information to range operations. Promotes additional sales of products, upgrades and services.


  • Promotes tours and experiences at locations outside the facility (i.e.; cruise vessel sales areas, airport, ferry terminal, hotels, lodges, etc.)
  • Sells tickets directly to interested clientele
  • Describes various tours and products the company has available
  • Promotes up sales of products, upgrades and services
  • Works with Drivers and Inside Sales Associates to ensure booking schedules are properly allocated to vehicles and avoids overbooking situation
  • May be required to model for company literature, website and/or calendar releases


  • High School Diploma or higher education
  • Must possess valid drivers license with clean driving record
  • Good oral communication skills and personable demeanor
  • Comfortable with the use of Mac and PC based hardware and software products
  • Comfortable with the use of MS Office products
  • Must not have felony record
  • Must pass NICS firearms background check

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