Prop & Target Technician

Reports to Range Officer. Manufactures and maintains props and fixtures according to current experience offerings. Responsible for target management between clients, including matching chosen experience to client. Inspects target frames and mechanisms for damage between client experiences. Maintains records of prop and target consumptions to maintain proper inventory levels. Responsible for cleanliness and maintenance of down range components.


  • Must have fundamental carpentry skills, ability to read a tape measure and use layout tools
  • Fabricates and maintains targets and target boards
  • Changes targets between shooting experiences
  • Works with Range Technicians and Inside Sales Associate to ensure appropriate targets are placed according to experience bookings and groups
  • Responsible for brass and projectile scavenging and clean-up for scrap
  • Responsible for maintenance of targets, target carts, bullet traps and backstops and general firing range maintenance and upkeep
  • Clears bullet traps and cleans firing range daily
  • Reports inventory levels of prop materials and targets to Range Officer daily
  • May be required to model for company literature, website and/or calendar releases


  • High School Diploma or higher education
  • Must be comfortable with handling and use of power tools
  • Good oral communication skills and personable demeanor
  • Must not have felony record
  • Must pass NICS firearms background check

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