Range Officer

Reports to Operations Manager. Responsible for firearms repairs, maintenance and safety. Performs general firing range safety evaluations and sets policy for same. Supervises the Range Technicians, Armorer/Firearms Technicians and Prop & Target Technicians and manufacturing. Overall responsibility for firing range condition, maintenance and onsite security.


  • Overall responsibility for shooting experiences by way of keeping flow and schedules on track
  • Oversees firearm repairs and maintenance.
  • Sets and administers range safety policies, evaluates and audits range safety on an ongoing basis
  • Supervises and trains the Range Technicians, Firearms Technicians and Prop Technicians. Responsible for maintaining inventory levels for prop and target materials and ammunition
  • Responsible for maintenance of range components and facilities
  • Responsible for maintaining records of upgrades and new experiences
  • May be required to live onsite and provide security during non-operational hours


  • High School Diploma or higher education
  • Strong oral and written skills
  • Familiarity with firearms of all types
  • Abilities as an Armorer for multiple firearm types and platforms
  • Preferably five (5) years experience in range operations
  • Preferably three (3) years experience as a Range Officer or similar position
  • Minimum three (3) years experience supervising people
  • Current or previous firearms training (as a trainer) certification from a recognized agency (i.e.; NRA, NSSA, etc.) and ability to recertify
  • Must not have felony record
  • Must pass NICS firearms background check

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