Bullet Hole

Juniors Archery, Hatchet, & Knife Throwing

Adventures for Kids

We can’t have the adults having all of the fun. Book this junior package for any of the kiddos aged 8 years and older and have a parent or legal guardian take full responsibility while the youngins are having a try at their chosen activity. 

Package Booking

How it Works:

  • The whole family will get picked up at your preferred location and driven to the range
  • Safety debriefing and training will occur before activities begin
  • Kiddos will receive additional hands-on training once at the range
  • They’ll have so much fun
  • Everyone will get dropped off at the same place you were picked up


  • Must be 8 years or older to participate
  • Must wear appropriate apparel for the range environment
  • Must use company-furnished safety gear at all times
  • Must have the ability to draw the bow and throw the axe 


  • Dress your kiddo in boots, hiking shoes, or sneakers
  • We are outdoors, so bring them a jacket
  • Tell us about your kids’ firearms experience, training, or concerns you may have so we can make everyone comfortable
  • Tell them to bring their adventurous spirit and have fun!
Paint Stroke

What's Included

Axe & Knife Throwing

Have you ever played darts? Well, this activity is very similar regarding scoring but instead, you’re throwing axes or knives. Our experienced range officers will run you through a safety course and teach you how to throw like a pro. Each session includes a training/safety course and equipment. Once you’ve completed your training you can begin throwing.  Available for ages 8+.


Get ready for an adventure you'll never forget! Experience the thrill of taking down your chosen target with just a recurve bow, arrows, and your skills. Must be 8 years or older to participate!

Traveling with kids?

Kiddos will be more than entertained with one of our Junior Packages. No matter what their age, we have something in store. All ages can compete for prizes in our Shooting Gallery. Littler ones have a blast and a half with the Shooting Gallery.