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We sincerely apologize for the delay in construction. We recognize that in some cases that delay is rather significant. Unfortunately, our company, like many others, has been negatively impacted by the pandemic directly effecting our construction and delaying our prior opening date. Those delays are ongoing, particularly in the supply chain and as a result our construction has not gone as smoothly as anticipated. Virtually everything is taking longer and costing more than our pre-pandemic business plan allowed for. However, through it all we have worked diligently to ensure that we can complete the range and retail center construction. Our retail center is currently open to the public, the indoor range is still under construction, and we are working to launch our final site with booking links and tour rates listed once the construction of the indoor range has come to completion. 

Please keep your eye on our website and social media pages website:


facebook: to follow our progress and stay updated with future announcements. We are excited to bring this much needed and long-awaited opportunity for shooting enthusiasts to Ketchikan and to bring a new tour concept for our visiting tourists with fresh ideas and updated experiences each year. We appreciate the patience and understanding at this time. We've been held captive by the unfortunate circumstances of the global pandemic and were unable to forecast a date previously due to the level of uncertainty around mandates, testing requirements, supply availability and many other factors that were affecting our ability to not only complete the range construction, but also secure a reliable supply of ammunition for our patrons. Once again, we extend our most sincere apologies if we've missed you while you were in town. If you ever return to Ketchikan, we hope you will schedule a tour with us through our website From this point forward, we will be closely monitoring the email: on our website and social media pages instagram: facebook: so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have regarding our experiences, memberships or services we provide.

Best Regards,

Team at Alaska Firearms Adventures


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