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Ketchikan is known for spirited salmon, breathtaking scenery, rich Alaska Native culture, and (if we do say so ourselves) Alaska Firearms Adventures. But once you get to the southernmost entrance to the state’s famed Inside Passage, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go and what to do. We’re making it easy for you, with our list of the top things to do in Ketchikan.

Book a tour with us: You guessed it, our top activity in Ketchikan is, of course, taking aim at one (or three) of our packages. You can sign up here.

See the Misty Fjords National Monument: Just 22 miles east of the city, you find gorgeous sea cliffs, steep fjords and rock walls jutting thousands of feet out of the ocean. What’s even better is you can explore this protected land by air or sea.

Hike the trails: It’s not a trip to Alaska without exploring one of our many hiking trails and enjoying the majestic beauty of Southeast Alaska and the Tongass National Forest, the largest of our nation’s forests.

Discover the Totem Bight State Historical Park: Ketchikan boasts two totem parks, which each feature authentic Alaska Native totem poles, but of the two, this is the most popular for visitors.

Visit the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center: Located downtown, you can learn all about Southeast Alaska’s interesting history and diverse culture.

Take a walk on Creek Street: Once a series of thriving brothels, Ketchikan’s historical red-light district is rich with art and history.

Tour Dolly’s House: The last of the brothels to close, which was operational until 1954, was located on historic Creek Street. This brothel, known as Dolly’s House, is now a museum preserved in its form today.

Visit the Tongass Historical Museum: Inside you will find interesting artifacts from the area, many photographs from the past, and plenty of information about the history of the town.

Try your luck at catching a wild salmon: Once called the “Salmon Capital of the World,” you can try your hand at one of the longest standing Ketchikan activities by fishing right off the docks downtown or hitting up one of our local charter companies for a guided experience.

Tour the Potlatch Totem Park and Museum: One of our owner’s favorites, this museum is full of history--from old cars to old guns. Some of the rarest and oldest firearms can be found in this obscure museum. It’s located right next to the Totem Bight State Historical Park, and it’s not to be missed.

Of course, we’d suggest starting with the first item on the list and booking your package with us now. But before you do, tell us what else you’re planning on doing in Ketchikan in the comments below.


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