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Going to a range for the first time can be intimidating to some individuals. Whether you’re new or an experienced shooter you’ll probably want to go with comfort over class. Follow these Do’s and Dont’s for your safety and comfort.

The list of "DOs" for Range Wear:

• DO call ahead and check with the range whether or not there is a dress code. Some ranges and shooting clubs have specific dress-code requirements, such as no open-toed shoes or only collared shirts.

• DO wear a hat. Besides providing shade for an outdoor range, a hat can also protect your head and face from ejected cartridges. A hat can also prevent your hair from getting into your eye sight so that nothing is obstructing your view of the sights and target.

• DO wear eye and ear protection. Eye protection and ear protection are required. Make sure that your eye protection fits snugly against your face with minimal gaps. Eye protection protects against lead shrapnel from entering your eye.

• DO wear long pants. The more skin you have covered at the range means the less likely you are to go home with a burn! It’s also a good idea to wear comfortable, loose-fitting pants to make it easier to move while shooting or practicing your stance. For example, tactical or cargo pants are ideal. In addition, if you plan to practice drawing from a holster, wear the pants and holster that will accommodate your equipment.

• DO choose an outfit that you can wear exclusively to the range. Most new, indoor ranges have state-of-the-art air filtration systems that help reduce the amount of lead in the air. But any remaining lead particles in the air can end up on your skin, clothing or shoes. It is also ideal to wash your range clothes separately from your other clothing to help reduce cross-contamination.

The list of “DON'Ts” for Range Wear:

• DON’T wear a tank top, low-cut V-neck or shirts with spaghetti straps. Try to wear long sleeves as often as possible. Your clothes will act as a barrier between the ejected hot brass and exposing your skin to lead particles.

• DON’T wear open-toed shoes, such as sandals, flip-flops or ballet flats. They will not protect your feet from hot brass from ejected cartridges. Wearing any closed toe supportive footwear will also help with your stance.

• DON’T wear a lot of jewelry. Large, dangling earrings, bracelets, etc. could interfere with your shooting.


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